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A fresh, innovative approach

We start by developing an understanding of you,  your project and your audience.

Rather than impose existing ideas on your needs, we take the time to really understand your communication needs so that we can devise the most effective way of conveying the information to your audience. Many production companies would find that difficult but to us it’s a way of life.

How we work

Good planning is key to delivering a great video. We start by considering your brief. This should define the subject, the audience and the desired outcome along with an indication of resources available from you (e.g. interviewees, locations, products) and an indication of budget.

We will then respond with a proposal setting out our recommendations, together with a very detailed costing and proposed schedule.

A bit of discussion usually ensues while everything is fine tuned, then we can start putting all the required resources in place.

An accurate script that flows well is an essential part of every video. Our writers work with your experts to turn your communication requirement into a flowing script that is exactly right for your target audience. We have experts in finance, science, technology, training, HR and CSR available for expert input whatever the subject.
After all the preparation, it’s time to start filming. We have a wide range of cameras, lenses, lighting and sound equipment so that we can film anything at any time. Location filming ranges from one person with camera, sound and lights to multi-camera studio or location shoots. Aerial and underwater filming present no problems to us.

However much – or little – equipment is used, one thing that is constant is our attitude. We are conscious that we are often working with people who are not used to being on camera. Our calm attitude, sensitive lighting and camera operation ensures that we get the best results.

As we often say: “we’re here to make you look good.”

‘Filming’, to us, includes everything required to create the images to go into the final programme,so graphics and animation are also part of this step.
We use film industry technology and software to create anything from a simple graphic up to a full 3D virtual environment.

Editing is is where everything is assembled to produce the finished piece. We have three edit suites, all working to full broadcast standards and able to cope with Ultra-HD and 3D/VR/AR programmes. All editing is done in house. Many of our programmes contain confidential information, so it’s good to know that your secrets won’t be viewed by anyone outside our walls.


Although the vast bulk of our delivery is by electronic means, we are still occasionally called upon to produce CD-ROMS, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. If that’s what you need, we still have the technology and expertise. Mainly, delivery is on memory sticks or via the internet. We have our own secure file sharing site called Cortex. Cortex means that we can deliver content anywhere at any time.