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Do we really need a camera crew?

You’re at an awayday event and there’s a session that you really need to share, or a statement you need to capture for your intranet – but how to get hold of a camera crew at short notice?

One solution would be to call us – we’re known for our ability to appear when required!

But most modern smartphones or tablets are capable of shooting video at a very high quality. But like most tools, the results depend on the skill of the operator.

So why not train your team to use the camera they already have to best advantage?

Half day or full day courses

Our courses are suitable for between 1 and 12 participants and cover all aspects of filming using smartphones, tablets or consumer camcorders.

You’ll learn about using natural light to best effect, how to frame your shots, how to ensure the sound quality is up to scratch and how to shoot the right material.

We can also cover simple editing using packages that are already included with many operating systems.

Costs are from £700 for a half day course to £1200 for a full day course. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch!